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Trans Arabian

Lufthansa City Center

24hrs Emergency
+ 97150 559 4124
Telephone: +971 50 / 794 6857 / +971 4 335 0777
+9714 / 335 0577
Contact Person: Ali Reza - Reservations Manager
Office 411 (Block A), Al Fajer Complex, Umm Hurrair Rd.,
Oud Metha, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 08:00 - 18:00, Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00

Trans Arabian

Your corporate payment account in the UAE

The AirPlus product suite has a solution for any and all your payment needs.


Around the world, virtually every airline welcomes your AirPlus Company Account as preferred form of payment for all tickets purchases. It has been especially designed as a payment solution for the corporate travel sector which has developed into the airlines’ prime area of business. The AirPlus Company Account is lodged at your corporate travel partner Trans Arabian Lufthansa City Center and can be used to settle all pre-trip travel expenses such as air tickets and also your travel agency’s non-air services.
Payment for flights and other travel agency services is made easy and convenient with the AirPlus Company Account. The key benefit of the AirPlus Company Account is that you receive a single, consolidated statement with all transactions that were affected within your billing cycle. Your statement further shows your company-specific enhanced data, attached to every transaction, that you require to simplify your accounting and reconciliation process.
No changes are required to your current booking procedures. You simply continue to make your reservations through Trans Arabian Lufthansa City Center as you are doing now. Furthermore, the Company Account is fully compatible with online booking tools.

Key benefits at a glance:

• Statements are provided on paper or in electronic form and are tailor-made to meet your company’s needs. They can be broken down by a number of criteria, such as cost center, department, project code and employee number.

• There’s no need to make any changes to your existing accounting systems, as AirPlus provides data feeds which integrate directly with virtually any accounting or HR system, including SAP and Oracle.

• The AirPlus Company Account can be used globally in all the world’s key business markets, giving you a single solution for all your global travel needs.

• With the AirPlus Company Account, you settle not only air tickets, but also rail tickets, rental cars and hotel reservations.

• Using– Using the AirPlus Information Manager – a powerful management information system, you can access your travel data quickly and efficiently to monitor, analyze and control your company’s overall travel spending. Additionally, data from different countries can be consolidated into one global report, with the flexibility to convert all transactions into one single currency

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